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Designer  ·  ຄົນລາວ  ·  Twin Cities, Minnesota

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About me
Call me sensitive, but I enjoy working with the emotional side of design. I like putting myself in another person's shoes and understanding what goes through the minds of users and viewers. My passion for design is driven by the discovery of new strategic ways to solve problems — whether that is through print, web, or user-experience. For me, it starts with a pencil and paper.

I love learning different languages. I'm currently working on being fluent in Lao, Vietnamese, Spanish, and French.

I enjoy rock climbing, although I'm still building up courage when it comes to falling. I typically stick to top-rope climbing and bouldering.

I strive to spread joy, love, and happiness. I enjoy hearing people's stories and volunteering to empower people, help communities, and love animals.

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